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Mario Gaspar, 'fullback of the future' for Barcelona?

It's good his excellent play is being noticed, but not necessarily in this way....

Maria José Segovia

Super Deporte has a front-page story to the effect that Mario Gaspar is one of the players Barcelona is considering to replace Dani Alves, when their transfer ban ends in January 2016.    Not sure how much stock I put in that newspaper report, but it is good to see Mario getting some recognition.

When I did the Managing Madrid podcast, I was asked if Mario would move to a larger club.  We decided probably not to Madrid, since they tend to go for splashy names who will sell shirts....but Barca?  Maybe, but with Mario under contract until 2019, Villarreal would be in a good negotiating position.

Vicente del Bosque will be at El Madrigal to watch Villarreal take on Sevilla, so will get to see Mario and Sergio Asenjo firsthand.  Marcelino stated after the Madrid match they were both worthy of international recognition; we'll see if del Bosque agrees.