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Real Madrid-Villarreal CF GAMETHREAD

The lineups are out.....

Maria José Segovia

Villarreal is almost as I expected, but Dorado?...would have thought Ruiz.

Other minor surprise for me is Pina and not Trigueros.

1-Asenjo 2-Mario 24-Bailly 16-Dorado 18-Costa 4-Pina 26-Sergio Marcos 19-Moi Gómez 10-Campbell 23-Gerard 9-Gio

A big start for Eric Bailly and Sergio Marcos both.

Madrid: Casillas, Marcelo, Pepe, Varane, Carvajal, Kroos, Lucas SIlva, Isco, Bale, Cristiano & Benzema

Pretty much as expected for them I would say.