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Welcome to another new writer!

You've already seen his first article, on our two Spanish U-18 internationals; please welcome Francisco Hernandez (fher19) to the Villarreal USA team!

siempre riquelme

We're delighted to add another writer to our growing Villarreal USA team.  Francisco Hernandez was born in Mexico, moved to the USA in 2005 and is now resident in Denver, where he is attending college.   Like many of us, he became a Villarreal fan in the mid-to-late 2000's and says his favorite players were Giuseppe Rossi and Robert Pires.  And of course with the dos Santos brothers and Javier Aquino arriving in the last couple of years, his interest in Villarreal has been fueled farther.

Francisco says he's particularly interested in Villarreal's cantera, so you can expect to see more features on the cantera and some of the players.  Anyone who has read his comments to various posts knows his knowledge of players is very good.

Villarreal B is going through a bit of a purple patch at the moment, and play away to Espanyol's second team Saturday morning.  Lluis Planagumá, who coached our B team, is the Espanyol B coach.   Our roster is a bit thin at the moment with so many youth internationals away, but hopefully we can do well and break our streak of five matches without a win.

Endavant, and welcome, Francisco!!