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Cantera update: Aleix García and Simón Moreno shine for the Spanish under-18's

Villarreal youngsters, Aleix García and Simón Moreno, have been putting impressive performances for the Spanish under-18 national team in the 2015 Copa Atlántico.

The Spanish under-18 national team has been putting convincing performances at the annual Copa del Atlántico in the Canary Islands. Two young Villarreal players, Aleix García from the C team and Simón Moreno from the Juvenil A, have been taking part for the Spanish youth side, and both have been brilliant as well, contributing for their country impressive victories against Costa Rica and the Canary Islands autonomous football team.

During their first matched they trashed Costa Rica, 3-0. Aleix García started and played as captain for the Spanish team, both giving an assist and scoring a goal sealing the victory for Spain. Simón Moreno came on the second half of the match replacing teammate Asier Villalibre.

On their second match against the the Canary Islands, they gave another impressive exhibition defeating the Canaries by the same score of 3-0. This time Aleix García wasn't around on the pitch as he was rested, but the other Villarreal youngster Simón Moreno, made his presence felt as he scored a brace to defeat the Canary outfit. Simón opened the score in the 24th minute from a header, and he also sealed the victory for Spain after converting a penalty kick in the 69th minute.

Spain are undefeated so far without having conceding a single goal. The Spanish under-18 side will close their participation in the Copa del Atlántico tomorrow when they will be facing Portugal at 19.30 hours in the Canarias Peninsula.