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Villarreal linked with young Brazilian keeper

The starting keeper for the Brazilian under-20 side, Marcos Felipe, interests Villarreal.

Another arrival at the Sports City?
Another arrival at the Sports City?
siempre riquelme

An article in the local EPM paper today (penned by a journalist who is very close to the club) says Villarreal is interested in signing Marcos Felipe, an 18 year-old goalkeeper who is currently starring as the starter for Brazil's U-20 side in the South American championship.

Felipe is 6'2" or so, very agile, and has played on occasion with Fluminense's first team, where he is under contract until 2016.  However, the Brazilian side already has three first-team keepers, so his options for advancement there appear fairly limited.

If Villarreal does sign him, the plan would be for him to finish this season with Villarreal C but presumably make the jump to Villarreal B next year.   We'll see what happens.

As far as the tournament itself, the final matches will be played Friday.   Argentina and Uruguay face each other, with the championship at stake; Argentina are on 10 points, Uruguay 8.  Villarreal's Franco Acosta has four goals for Uruguay, Leo Suarez one for Argentina.  (Villarreal C's Ramiro Guerra has been a regular for Uruguay, too).

Either Brazil or Colombia could finish second if Uruguay loses; they play each other.  All four of these teams have qualified for the 2015 FIFA U-20 tournament, to be played in New Zealand in June.  Paraguay and Peru, the other two clubs in the final round, didn't make it.