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Castellon still going strong in Spain's Federation Cup

Congratulations to our near-neighbors Castellón, who are having an excellent season.  They've made it to the final eight of the Federation Cup, defeating Osasuna's B team 3-1 on aggregate.

Tomorrow (Thursday) they face Gerena, another Tercera side.  First leg is in Castellón.

Other ties: Coquense-Linares; Atletico Baleares-Real Unión Irun; Arandina-Tropezón.

Just going on teams who have generally done well, it appears the two strongest sides (Baleares and Real Unión) are facing each other.

As far as I can tell, the only Valencian Community team to make it to the finals of this competition is Elche, when they were a Segunda B side 15 years ago.  Just as in the 1969 Copa del Rey final, they....lost.