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Allen guests on Managing Madrid's podcast ahead of Bernabeu match

We've been having a hard time getting everyone together for one of our own podcasts. Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin graciously asked me to appear on the Managing Madrid podcast today to discuss Villarreal. (Yes, I did ask then to use their "influence" to let us sign Cheryshev permanently!!)

Our fellow SBN blog Managing Madrid has a regular podcast and ahead of Villarreal's matchup with Madrid, asked me to be on it.  This was a bit scary since I was their first ever guest, in the 2011-12 season, and you all know what happened that year.  But with 44 points in the bag, I figured it was safer this time!

The whole thing was pretty much about Villarreal: we talked about what impact a more even split of TV revenues might have for a club like Villarreal,  discussed a few players on our roster they might not know (I put in a good word for Sergio Marcos as a possible next Bruno, so Francisco, you should be happy!), and answered some questions from several Madrid fans--some of which were pretty interesting.  A really nice discussion.

So if you want to hear me discuss  which players need to come up big for us in the Bernabeu, what our lineup might look like,  how we need to play against Madrid and so forth, take a listen.   There were also some interesting questions people had sent in about how far away we were from competing in the Champions League again, and about Mario Gaspar!

Thanks to Gabe and Josh for having me, and thanks for all the kind words about Villarreal USA and the Yellow Submarine.  To listen to the podcast, click on the arrow on the microphone.

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