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Please welcome a new photo contributor!

We've received permission from Maria Segovia to use her photos, which she takes pitchside at every El Madrigal match. Graciés, Maria!

Villarreal preparing to face Red Bull
Villarreal preparing to face Red Bull
Maria José Segovia

You've probably noticed we tend to struggle for pictures to use on this site.   SB Nation has permission to use photos from Getty Images, but they tend not to cover many Villarreal matches, and even when they do seem to approach it from the Barcelona and Real Madrid point of view.  (Did you wonder why we didn't post a picture of any Villarreal goal against Barcelona, from either of the recent matches?  That's because our feed was full of closeups of Barca players and their goals, but they only use one photographer--and he evidently sits at the end of the pitch  Barcelona attacks toward).

Anyway, Maria Segovia takes photos pitchside at El Madrigal, and she has given us permission to use them as long as we credit her appropriately.   The photos will also have her name and Vavel's insignia imprinted on them.

Thank you!  Endavant Villarreal!