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Another South American rumor: Jonathan Calleri to Villarreal?

Not resting for a moment, Villarreal continues to explore the South American market, and are now being linked with Boca Juniors' striker Jonathan Calleri.

Boca Juniors fans...couldn't find a photo of Calleri to use!!
Boca Juniors fans...couldn't find a photo of Calleri to use!!
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Marca reports today Villarreal are interested in acquiring Jonathan Calleri from Boca Juniors.  He's a 5' 9", 21 year-old striker (can also play on the right wing)  acquired by Boca from All Boys last summer for €220,000,  and is playing, and scoring goals, in Boca's first team.

There are other Spanish teams interested in signing him too (including Valencia) and he was linked with Arsenal in the winter transfer window.  (English papers say he's being called the "next Higuain", which could be either good or bad!)

Would he fit here? Yes indeed, especially if Villarreal brass thinks Lucky Luciano Vietto  turns out to be a "one-and-done" guy.    Sr. Roig has said anyone wanting him has to pay €40m--his buyout clause--it's possible there will be a club who will do that.  On the surface of it, Calleri would be a reasonably like-for-like replacement.

Likelihood of happening? Medium because of competition from others, but we do have a bit of an inside track with Boca (we signed Leo Suarez from them) and we can certainly point to Vietto's playing time and our willingness to develop young players.