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Villarreal C steamrolls past Paterna

The C team wins one of the Valencia's derbies against Paterna at the Mini Estadi by a demolishing 4-1 score. Young winger Javi García was the man of the match as he scored a brace and recorded assist as well.

Villarreal C earned a second consecutive victory after winning the Valencian derby against Paterna. The young submarine came out guns blazing whithin the first minute and earned their reward in the 8th minute after Javi García struck a left shot that made its way past Paterna's GK.Things could not possibly start in a better fashion for the C team. As usual, the C team works like a Swiss clock, all the way from the reliability in the back line, the creativity and vision in the midfield, and the slyness in attack.

The C team grew strong with each and every attack, and it was in the 35th minute when Vicent Albert doubled the lead for the young submarine after an assist by Javi García. It was Albert's second goal of the season.

After having dominating the first half, it seemed the C team relaxed a bit in the second half. Cristian Herrera missed a clear chance after a one on one against Paterna's GK, after his shot went wide. Things would become worse for Paterna as their coach was sent off and their center back Sanjuán was gravely injured and to be rushed to the hospital. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Carrying on, it was not until the last moments of the match when Mario Gonzalez scored in the 81st minute, making it 3-0 for Villarreal C, and then it was Javi García striking twice again with the 4th goal for the yellow submarine in the 88th minute. Paterna managed to score in the dying minutes of the match by Roberto Civera in the 92th minute, however the match was already decided on Villarreal C's favor with an overwhelming victory.