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Cantera profile: Interview with Javi Ramírez

Meet Javi Ramírez, humble defender from Villarreal B. Here are his words as he told Tercer Equipo during an interview.

Javi Ramírez is a young player from the B team. He is 19 years old, plays as a central defender and has featured for the Spanish under-19 national team. Javi hails from the touristic town of Roquetas de Mar in the province of Almería, having signed for Villarreal 6 years ago while playing for local team, CD Roquetas.

Without further due, let's introduce you to Javi Ramirez from this interview courtesy of Tercer Equipo. During the first part, he was interviewed about his early steps in football and how he signed for Villarreal.

Javi, at what age did you star playing football?

"I began to play football at 7 at a school team after my brother told my parents that he saw qualities in me".

Which team did you used to play for before you were signed by Villarreal?.

"I used to play for CD Roquetas, which is my hometown team".

How does a kid like yourself finds life adapting at Villarreal after leaving your hometown team?

"It is difficult and even more in early adolescence since you're not fully independent just yet, and you miss a lot moments and memories that you know you are leaving behind after chasing your dreams".

For the second part of the interview he was asked about his immediate future, his relation with the B team squad, and how does he see himself in the future.

Do you feel comfortable with the B team?

"I really do since we are a very united group in which there is a good relation between all of us and we are like a family."

Do you have the same relation that you have with your teammates off the field as well?

"As I said before, we are really close and that allows us to get along off the pitch as well."

Which first division player do you reflect yourself the most on? Why?

"In reality every player is unique and different to everyone else, although I really like Sergio Ramos".

Which team would you like to play in the future?

"I feel very good at Villarreal and currently I do not see myself anywhere else but here".

How does it feel to be far away from your family at such an important stage in your life and while being so young?

"The truth is that is difficult at first because of the fact of moving away from your family and friends, but they welcomed me very well and made me feel like at home, and everything became easier because of that."

What do you feel when you walk into the field?

"When I walk into the pitch I feel joy and excitement of being able to play and enjoy the sport that I like the most, and fulfilling my dream at the same time".

Who would you consider to be indispensable to the team?, why?

"In my opinion, I take the good spirit that we have since is the whole team who wins matches and not just only player, although I would take Sergio Marcos in a heartbeat for his quality and creative vision of a player of high caliber".

How did you feel the first time that you were called to the Spanish national team?

"To be honest, I did not believe myself and thought they were playing a joke on me, since it was my first year in the B team but when I realized it was true, I felt a lot of joy and I was very trilled to defend the jersey of the Spanish national team".

What is your best trait on the field?

"My best trait is playing the ball with criteria from the back and my displacement on the field."

How would you define yourself in one word?


Many thanks, Javi. It was a real pleasure sharing our time with you. Good luck for the rest of the season!.

*This interview was made by Cristina Ofrecia from Tercer Equipo.