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Welcome a new contributor, please!

Sarthak Kumar joins us to expand our horizons of Spanish football.

Maria José Segovia

Many, or most, of us know a lot about Villarreal in recent years and the teams we now play in La Liga, but there are a whole lot of interesting teams and stories elsewhere in Spanish football as well.  I've tried to write about those every now and then, but Sarthak Kumar is going to join us and contribute some articles on such things.

Sarthak is based in London, has written for our fellow site Barca Blaugranes as well, and is a Rayo fan (but likes Villarreal as well, of course).  I know he's working on an article about a team Villarreal last met up with many, many years ago in a very important match, for instance.

I hope you find his contributions interesting and a nice addition to the site.  Welcome, Sarthak!