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Huesca-Villarreal GAMETHREAD

I do not know if there will be any TV, but I will try to follow on radio at least and give regular updates.

Villarreal are preparing to pay Huesca at their little Estadio El Alcoraz (holds about 5800 people).  It's named after a battle--one of those of the Reconquista-- that took place in 1096, by the way, in which the forces of Peter I of Aragon and Navarre scored a victory and Saint George is supposed to have appeared in a vision in support of their efforts.  That's your history lesson for today!  Now back to 2015...

Villarreal is going with: Barbosa; Miguelon, Musacchio, Bailly, Jokic; Nahuel, Trigueros, Jona dos Santos, Castiillejo; Samu Garcia and Bakambu.

Huesca lineup when we get it.