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Barca after Denis Suarez in January, reports claim

Barcelona have a purchase option in the summer on the forward they loaned to us through Sevilla; however, they may not want to wait that long to obtain him.

Maria José Segovia

The Denis Suarez situation is an interesting one.  Recall Barcelona had loaned him to Sevilla, but then Villarreal got into the picture and obtained his services for the 2015-16 season, with the proviso being Barcelona could buy him back in the summer for €3.2m.

However, Barcelona apparently want him sooner, so the question for Villarreal's front office becomes, if you believe Barca are going to sign him in the summer for €3.2m, is it better to take a bit more money now, or is it better to keep him for the additional half-season?

Intertwined with this, of course, is Villarreal's desire to obtain the services of Denis Cheryshev in January.  Whether or not that can happen isn't clear--is Florentino Perez so ticked at the Copa fiasco that he will send Cheryshev anywhere else instead, even though the player wants to return to the Yellow Submarine?  Villarreal could have two Denis's on the wings in January, they could have none.