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Villarreal C defeats first-place Saguntino 3-0 in last match of 2015

Villarreal's third team was impressive in a 3-0 win over the leaders of their Tercera group.

Villarreal's "C" team ended 2015 on a high note, defeating Atlético Saguntino 3-0 in a quality match at the Mini Estadi.  With this win, the C team is now on 31 points, even with Castellón in the last promotion playoff place (though our neighbors do now have a game in hand).

The goals came midway through the first half, early in the second and in injury time.  Captain Ramón opened the scoring with a fine left-footed drive from the top of the box after Belizón had made a good run to the byline; Joel got the second after another good pass into the area, and the third was tapped into the open goal by Mario after he had beaten the Sagunt keeper to a high ball at the top of the box.

Interestingly, with the B team off until January 2nd, Miguelón featured as one of the back four for our C team here.     Villarreal C now have nearly three weeks off, returning to action with a match at Alzira the weekend of January 9.

The current standings are: Saguntino 41 pts (19 matches); Elche B 37 (18); Ontinyent 33 (18); VIllarreal B 31 (19); Castellón 31 (18); Alzira 28 (18).


A bit of B team news: I believe we covered this before, but Marcelino confirmed that Fran Sol and Carlos Martinez are not likely to be called up for the first team, even though we have been short on strikers for some time.  The reason is their age: players over 22, I believe it is, cannot return to a subsidiary team in the same season when they've been called up to the first team.  Fran is 23, Carlitos is 29.   Rodri (19), Miguelón (19), Iñiguez (21), Adrian Marín (18) have all gone back and forth this season; Leo Suarez (19) would be the first choice if we were to call up a striker.

I don't know if the rule applies only to outfield players; goalkeeper Aitor (24 years old) has been listed as a third keeper for our Europa League matches, but has always dropped off prior to being one of the final 18.