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Villarreal's budget is nearly twice that of the town

If ever you doubted what a big deal Villarreal CF was in the town of Vila-real....

Alex Caparros/Getty Images

The Ajuntament de Vila-real (the town council) announced its budget for 2016: 43 million euros.  At almost the same time, President Roig announced the 2015-16 season budget for Villarreal CF, 80 million euros.  At this level, Villarreal will show a very slight profit, and of course will remain debt-free and fully current with its tax obligations.

The 2014-15 accounts show a €5m profit (revenues of €75m, expenses of €70m); the increase from €70m ot €80m in projected revenues comes about because of the new TV deal.  This will give Villarreal about €45m this year, and depending on where we finish in the league, could increase by €10m or more next year.

I do not know for sure what revenues we assumed we'd get from the Europa League in this budget, but since we have almost €5m already from the group stage fee and bonuses before throwing in TV moneys, I expect we will do much better than we projected.  (that may also be why the income last year was higher than projected, too--I wasn't at the shareholders' meeting to ask!)

We continue to spend about 10% of our budget on the cantera, and also sponsoring some area clubs in other sports as well as all sorts of youth soccer programs.  And of course we now have two "sports cities" where all these youngsters can play.  In a town of just over 50,000 people!!