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Giuseppe Rossi to return to Spain?

It's being reported Real Betis are interested in adding Beppe to their roster in the January window.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Interesting report that Giuseppe Rossi may be loaned to Real Betis in January by Fiorentina.  This would make some sense inasmuch as:

(a) Rossi's injuries resulted in him restructuring his contract with Fiore;

(b) he's been a bit player with Fire in the league (9 matches, 330 minutes, no goals)

(c) ex-Fiore man Joaquin is now with Betis.

On the other hand, Rossi has got to be happy in Florence (who wouldn't be?) and he has even received awards befitting a civic figure.  Oh, and there are rumors Liverpool want him for €25m, which would be (a) weird (b) a nice return for Villarreal since I'm sure we put some sort of clause in his transfer giving us a prt of subsequent proceeds.

A few folks suggested Villarreal could get him on loan, which would be interesting but he doesn't really fit our style of play now, does he?