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Cheryshev scores for Madrid, but was apparently ineligible!

Real Madrid are leading Cadiz 1-0 at halftime through a goal from Denis Cheryshev. But....

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Ojo.  Denis Cheryshev has Real Madrid's goal this evening against Cadiz in the Copa del Rey, BUT according to numerous authorities, he should not be playing!

Recall that in our Copa semifinal against Barcelona last season, Cheryshev picked up a yellow card in the 38th minute.  As a result of that (he had a yellow card earlier) he was banned for one match by the RFEF.  Since there is not an amnesty from year-to-year, he should have been suspended for this match.

The penalty for fielding an ineligible player is expulsion from the competition--this happened last year between Osasuna and Mirandes, I believe.  However, Spain being Spain, nothing is that simple.  First of all, there is some question as to whether there is some kind of 'amnesty' or whether the penalty is carried over from year to year.  I have to confess I am not clear about that. And even if there isn't and Chery was ineligible, Cadiz must file a formal complaint in order for the case to be considered and Madrid presumably ousted.  The Cadiz board has until midnight tomorrow to decide whether to protest or not.  You can expect plenty of pressure to be put on them to waffle, I'd think!

This is not Rafa Benitez's first run-in with the regulations in this competition.  Valencia were expelled from the Copa in 2001 for fielding too many non-EU players in a cup tie.  Benitez was coach then.