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Villarreal-Huesca Copa del Rey GAMETHREAD

We appear to be giving youth a chance, with Iñiguez and Rodri in the lineup.

Nahuel gets another start
Nahuel gets another start
Maria José Segovia

The lineups are in, and they are:

Villarreal: Barbosa, Rukavina, Iñiguez, Musacchio, Marín, Rodri, Trigueros, Nahuel, Castillejo, Bakambu y Samu García.

Huesca: Whalley, Aythami, Morillas, Carlos David, Manolo, Ros, Tyronne, Jesús, Moya, Carlos Calvo, Íñigo López

I see an awful lot of defenders in that Huesca lineup, I'll just say.

How to follow the match: Radio Vila-real; streams (of varying quality I am sure) will be available; I believe Vavel Villarreal will have a running commentary.  And of course there is always following this gamethread!

Endavant Villarreal!!