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Musacchio and Jonathan dos Santos deny report of gay relationship

Villarreal internationals Jonathan dos Santos and Mateo Musacchio deny a report in Mexican magazine TVNotas that they have been in a relationship for half a year.

Maria José Segovia

Mexican national team player and Villarreal midfielder Jonathan dos Santos denied a report today that said he was in a relationship with teammate Mateo Musacchio.

Yesterday, Mexican magazine TVNotas reported that the 25-year-old has been dating the Argentinian Musacchio for seven months. The magazine’s source was reportedly somebody "very close" to dos Santos and Musacchio, who added that dos Santos’s family (including brother Giovani, who plays for the LA Galaxy) supported the relationship.

Jona stated on twitter: A los medios: Si fuera gay, no tendría problema en decirlo. Invéntense otra cosa. No promuevan discriminación ni amarillismo.

translation: To the media: If I were gay, I’d have no problem saying it. Invent other things. Don’t promote discrimination or sensationalism. That’s enough.

Musacchio has not said anything, but he retweeted Jona's tweet.