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Ex-amarillo Constantin Gâlcā named Espanyol manager

It's OK, I didn't remember him either.

Galca chasing Jordi Cruyff of Alaves
Galca chasing Jordi Cruyff of Alaves
Firo Foto/Getty Images

Espanyol fired Sergio Gonzalez, not for any particularly good reason as far as I could tell--they're 12th in the table on 17 points.   Word comes through they have hired Constantin Galca as their new coach--he was a midfielder for a number of Spanish clubs, including Espanyol from 1997 to 2001, at which time Villarreal obtained him for 70,000 euros (transfer fees were a little smaller in those days!!).

He played for us for 18 months, we loaned him to Zaragoza and then we let him go to Almeria on a free.  He retired in 2007, and has most recently been manager of Steaua Bucharest.   Doubtful that this move will suddenly result in Espanyol rocketing up the table, but perhaps they were more worried about slipping into the relegation area, as three clubs below them won on the weekend.