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Villarreal- Rapid Vienna GAMETHREAD

Both teams are safely through to the Round of 32, but both also want to win this group. For Villarreal to have any realistic chance, the Yellow Submarine needs to win today.

Maria José Segovia

Without further ado, here is the starting lineup for Villarreal:

Barbosa; Rukavina,V. Ruiz, Mario, Jaume Costa; Bruno Soriano, Dos Santos, Denis Suárez, Castillejo;  Soldado y Bakambu.

I am surprised not to see Nahuel in there, to be honest, and putting J dos in the pivote with Bruno seems rather defensive.  Otherwise, it's about as we figured, with Rukavina taking over at RB and Mario playing in the center.

Rapid Vienna goes with: Novota; Pavelic, Sonnleitner, Dibon, Stangl; Petsos, Schwab; Schobesberger, S. Hofmann, Kainz; Prosenik

That's a change of one of the back four (Sonnleitner for M. Hofmann), Petsos for Granovic in midfield; Schobesberger for Schaub in the three behind the striker.

The match is not being telecast for free in the US as far as I can tell--Fox Sports 1 is showing Liverpool vs Bordeaux.  So, it's Javi Mata and the gang at Radio Vila-real and whatever stream one can find, I suppose.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all, and Endavant Villarreal!