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New Villarreal sports city is ready to go

Villarreal will now have not just one, but two, "sports cities". The new "Ciutat Esportiva Pamesa Ceramica" opens this weekend.

Villarreal CF

For a town of around 50,000 people, you sure can play (and watch) a lot of football in Vila-real.  It's not just the first team (Villarreal CF), not just the B and C teams, but there are all the youth teams, and there are hordes of ' much so that we even have a  'partnership' with a youth club, CD Roda, who field all sorts of youth teams as well.  More than 2000 youngsters in 40 teams all told.

And now, those CD Roda teams have a place to call their own, the Pamesa Ceramics Sports City.  It has three 11-a-side pitches and a smaller 8-a-side pitch, two stands, and a two-story building (covered in ceramic tile, of course!) which is solar-powered and has all sorts of facilities including medical facilities and changing rooms.  And the fields are watered by graywater.  Pretty cool!!

The fields will get a lot of use right away, with ten youth matches, from pre-benjamin to Juvenil B, scheduled to take place there this weekend.  Endavant!