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Villarreal B-Valencia Mestalla about to kick off at the Sports City

The teams are in.

Adrian Marin
Adrian Marin
Maria José Segovia

Villarreal B:  Aitor; Carlos Julio, Adrian Marin, Mauro, Pablo Iñiguez; Larrea, Leo Suarez, Rodrigo, Fran Sol; Carlos MArtinez and Alfonso Pedraza (those are in order, numbers 1 through 11).

Valencia Mestalla (Valencia B): Alex; Diallo, Caballo, Charlie, Ayala, Rai, Victor Ruiz, Tropi, Rafa Mir, Villalba, Nacho Gil.

The match is being shown on Villarreal TV Live, and usually that means if you search on youtube there is a feed there as well.  Endavant Villarreal B!