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Marcelino contract extended to 2019

Breaking news--Marce's contract negotiations have concluded successfully and he has agreed to a new three-year deal. Press conference Monday.

El mister!
El mister!
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Marcelino Garcia Toral will continue as coach of Villarreal after his current contract expires, not that there was much doubt.  He has a greed a new deal which runs until 2019.  Press conference Monday which may (or may not) give us any financial details.

Marce took over when the club was in the Segunda (January 2013) and is now in his third season in the Primera.  This is his longest stay with one club, his previous longest being two years at Recre from 2005 to 2007.  His overall record with Villarreal in the Primera is 39-22-26 (87 matches, 139 points, 1.6 points per match).

Now if we could just keep our players healthy.....