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Some Villarreal players and coaches become chefs for a day

And fortunately, no one injured themselves with the sharp knives!

Ruben Uria via twitter

As most of you know Villarreal CF supports a number of regional associations and groups through its "Endavant" initiative, launched last season.  It's most visible as a tourist promotion element for the region, since at each home match a town or group of villages has been singled out and given special recognition.  But it has other components as well, and one of them is featured below.

Several Villarreal players (Rukavina, Pina, Costa, Bruno, Pina) and coaches (Marcelino, Ruben Uria, Ismael Fernandez) participated in a culinary workshop at Gasma, a culinary institute in Castellón that is part of a private university system.

The video is pretty cool and it looks as though everyone had a nice time.  Apparently the institute runs workshops like this (called "Food Lovers" ) so I guess that's something else to do when you're in the area.  Jaume Costa looked in his element dealing with the tacos, I must say!