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Villarreal internationals in action

Here's the list of the Villarreal internationals in action over this break.

Maria José Segovia

The official site lists these by player, but I thought doing it by date might be more useful.

So today October 7,   Nahuel and Samu Castillejo, Spain U-21 vs Georgia (this happened already, Spain won 5-2; Samu played an hour, Nahuel not at all)

October 8 Alphonse Areola, France vs Armenia

October 9 Eric Bailly, Morocco vs Ivory Coast

Mario Gaspar, Spain vs Luxembourg

Bojan Jokic, Slovenia vs Lithuania

Edgar Ié, Portugal U-21 vs Hungary U-21

October 11 Alphonse Areola, Denmark-France

Jonathan dos Santos, Mexico-USA

October 12 Mario Gaspar, Spain-Ukraine

Bojan Jokic, San Marino-Slovenia

October 13 Castillejo and Nahuel, Spain U-21 vs Sweden U-21

Edgar Ie, Portugal U-21 vs Greece U-21

October 14 Jonathan dos Santos, Mexico-Panama

I think that's it!!  Endavant Amarillos!!