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Villarreal-Sevilla gamethread

The lineups are in; it'll be a cool, cloudy evening in El Madrigal.

Maria José Segovia

Villarreal take on Sevilla on a cool, cloudy evening--there was some rain earlier, but nothing like what this fixture saw last year, or for that matter what Las Palmas saw before the match last week.

Villarreal starting XI is:  Areola, Mario, Bailly, Ruiz, Jaume Costa; J dos Santos, Bruno, Trigueros, Denis Suarez; Soldado and Bakambu.  (4-4-2)

Interesting to see J dos given a shot on the right wing for (I believe) the first time this season?

Sevilla starting XI: Sergio Rico; Coke, Rami, Kolo, Tremolinas; Krychowiak, Iborra; Vitolo, Krohn-Delhi, Konoplyanka; Gamiero (4-2-3-1)

The match will be on beinSport's 2nd channel in the US.