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Villarreal U-21 squad defeat PSV Eindhoven, 4-0

This was our second match in the Premier league international Cup; we have three points from two matches now.

Maria José Segovia

Villarreal's under-21 squad, made up mostly of B-team players, easily dispatched PSV Eindhoven's youth side 4-0 this evening in a match played at the home of Wycombe Wanderers, Adams Park.

The young Submarine squad dominated throughout, though the first goal didn't arrive until the half-hour mark.  Fran Sol scored it, and also added a goal on the hour mark.  Alfonso Pedraza and Leo Suarez were the other scorers.

The Villarreal squad was: Cantero; Edgar Ié, Dan Ojog, Pablo Íñiguez, Javi Ramírez; Pedrito (Franco Acosta, m. 54), Ramiro, Rodrigo, Alfonso (Mario, m. 67); Leo Suárez and Fran Sol (Carlos Julio, m. 77).

Our final group match, which couldbe decisive in seeing if we advance, will be against Leicester City at their ground on December 1st.

At the moment, Norwich have already played all three of their matches and have three points (-3 goal difference); PSV Eindhoven have played two matches, have three points and a goal difference of -1; Villarreal have played two matches, have three points and a goal difference of +3; while Leicester have played only one match, have three points and a goal difference of +1.  They face Eindhoven on November 16; should Leicester win that, we would probably make it to the next round unless we lose by five goals or more on December 1.  However, if Eindhoven win or draw, then we would need to match that result to move on.  Endavant!