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Villarreal to face Huesca in Copa del Rey

Look for some of our B stars like Alejo to get a callup against Huesca
Look for some of our B stars like Alejo to get a callup against Huesca
Maria José Segovia

Now that the minnows have been whittled down, the draw for the round of 32 in the Copa del Rey took place today.  Generally, one of the "perks" of qualifying for Europe is that you are thus one of the La Liga clubs guaranteed to face opposition from the Segunda B or Tercera Division, while the other La Liga clubs either face teams form the Segunda A, or each other.  However, in this case, only six of those lower division teams remain, and Villarreal weren't drawn against any of them.  I'm not quite sure why this happened, but I expect it had to do with the number of reserve teams in the Segunda B (who are excluded from the competition).

At any rate, Villarreal have been drawn against Huesca, now in the Segunda.  They got here by defeating Mallorca in the second round, and gaining a bye in the third!  Strange, huh?

Well, we know Huesca from our year in the Segunda.  The town is maybe slightly larger than Vila-real, but not much, and it's maybe a what? three-hour drive?  so there should be some Villarreal fans there.

One thing Huesca can be is COLD.  They don't call it the "Gateway to the Pyrenees" for nothing.  First leg there on December 2, return leg at El Madrigal on December 16.

The full Copa draw:

Cadiz--Real Madrid

Villanovense--Barcelona (matches to be played on October 28 and December 2)


Reus Deportiu-Atletico Madrid

UD Logrones-Sevilla

Linense-Atheltic Club







Betis-Sporting Gijon


Las Palmas-Real Sociedad

Rayo - Getafe