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Internationals begin to return, and Baptistao and Suarez look to play Sunday

Bakambu and Adrian will hopefully be available as well.

Happy Birthday, Tomas Pina!!
Happy Birthday, Tomas Pina!!
Maria José Segovia

EPM reports that Villarreal got back to work, and it looks as though Denis Suarez and Leo Baptistao will be available for the Celta match as they trained normally with the rest of the team.  Bakambu and Adrian did not, worked on the side, but are still hoping to be available.

As for our internationals, Bailly, Areola and Bruno (who of course didn't remain with the Spain squad) are all back and OK, while Jokic, J dos, Samu C and Nahuel haven't returned yet.  Mario Gaspar is back, but didn't train yesterday.  I gather this was a planned rest day for him, and an opportunity for him to receive further congratulations on his Spain debut--not an injury concern.

And today is Tomas Pina's birthday!