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New (or at least recycled) rumor: Pedro León to Villarreal?

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but Getafe's Pedro Leon is being linked with the Yellow Submarine again.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Punto Pelota are reporting Getafe's Pedro León has an offer on the table from Villarreal.

Remember, he has hardly played this season because Getafe couldn't register him without going over their salary cap (which is part of why Cosmin Contra eventually left as coach--I guess Quique Sanchez Flores is cheaper).

Yes, he is a right winger, yes, he's 28, yes, he has La Liga experience.  His career has been dogged by injuries, though, and I'm not sure I see him fitting into our style of play.

Contract until 2107, €1.5m/year salary apparently.

Why it could happen: We are looking for a right wing player, and he has lots of La Liga experience.  Might be another one of those players who just needs the right setup to flourish, but maybe he's a bit too far along in his career for that to matter.

Getafe have salary pressures so offloading him for that reason would make sense.

Why it won't happen: It didn't happen the last two or three times rumors had León "muy cerca del Villarreal", either.