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First charter from Castellón Airport will have to wait a bit longer

Villarreal had hoped to fly to Malaga from Castellón rather than Manises, but it now looks like the airport won't "open" to charters until next week.

Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images

As reported previously, Villarreal currently flies to most away matches via charter from Valencia's Manises Airport, about a 45 minute bus ride away.  The club announced their charter operator would begin flying the club from Castellon Airport (about 30 minutes closer), and it was hoped this would happen beginning with our trip to Malaga.

However, the airport operator evidently forgot to hire any ground staff to handle the playing staff's baggage, so it now appears the first flight will come next Tuesday, when we travel to play Real Sociedad.   Meanwhile, the work of finding an airline willing to fly into the airport continues.  Castellon is soon to be linked to the high-speed rail system, so perhaps that will provide some impetus for a commercial airline to take the plunge.