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Villarreal transfer rumors: Gabriel(!), Juan Carlos, Espinosa

'Tis the season.

Rumor #1: Gabriel Paulista to Arsenal (permanently)

Why it could happen:

Why it won't happen:  Gabriel is young and still improving, he's under contract until 2018. And we are already thin at center back.  Nice to see him getting some respect though.

Rumor #2: Juan Carlos to Almeria (presumably a loan)

Why it could happen: Maybe JC wants more playing time

Why it won't happen: Aitor as a backup to Asenjo--really?  I don't think so.

Rumor #3: Javier Espinosa to Betis (loan)

Why it could happen:  Espinosa isn't playing much, and the thought was he might be going on loan this fall anyway.  Plus, of Joel Campbell comes in, we can have four wingers, and none of them are named Espinosa (or Hernán Pérez, for that matter).  Also, we have a history of loaning players to Betis, and now that Pepe Mel is back there, it could work.

Why it won't happen: Only reason I can see is if Marce wants to gauge Espinosa himself, or expects he might play an important role against Red Bull.  Yeah, I'm reaching here.