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Villarreal Sports City expansion to begin construction in March

Yesterday the mayor of Vila-real, José Benlloch, and Sr. Roig signed various agreements enabling the expansion of the Ciudad Deportiva to begin soon.

siempre riquelme

For a town of 51,000 people, there will be no shortage of football pitches in Vila-real.  Yesterday the agreements were signed between the town and Sr. Roig to enable the planned expansion of the Sports City to begin.  The new site, which is currently wasteland, will have three full-sized pitches and another, smaller one for eight-a-side football.   Some sort of administration building will be constructed on the site as well.

The project's cost is estimated at between 3 and 4 million euros, and Pamesa (Sr. Roig's ceramic tile company) will bear all that cost; the town is donating the land.  It's hoped the project will be completed by August.