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Villarreal-Levante GAMETHREAD

The lineups are out. Should be cool and a bit breezy in El Madrigal.

The teams are:

Villarreal: Asenjo; Mario, Musacchio, V. Ruiz, Costa; Bruno, Trigueros, Jona, Moi; Uche, Vietto.

I think that's pretty much what we should have expected given suspensions and injuries,  and who started in the Copa at midweek.

Levante: Mariño; Iván, Vyntra, El Adoua, Morales; Camarasa, Sissoko, Rubén, Ivanschitz; Casadesús, Barral

Looks as though the match is on beinSport's second channel as usual in the US; I expect it's on Direct TV somewhere but don't know.  Otherwise, streams in usual sources, I would ask people will post a particularly good one.