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Gabriel transfer update, other Villarreal rumors

Okay, just to bring us up to date....

(1) Briefly, no announcement yet of any deal with Arsenal, with or without Campbell.  Apparently last night (Thursday night UK time) Wenger had a meeting with a supporters' group and let slip that the 'deal was virtually done', then backtracked a bit.

There are numerous reports that a deal is imminent but Arsenal must first get a work permit for him which requires appearing before an appeal tribunal of the FA.  It would appear this body (six people) meets weekly--but I have no idea when.

Marcelino has said basically 'until he's not a Villarreal player, he is' but I would be surprised if he plays on Saturday, especially since Mateo Musacchio didn't take the pitch against Getafe in midweek.  Marce has already said Mateo will be starting against Levante.

(2) A Napoli supporters' group in Brazil reports Villarreal has bid €6m for Henrique.  We certainly would not be doing that unless we were pretty sure Gabriel would be leaving.

(3) Something not to do with Gabriel: Villarreal is being linked with José Cevallos, who has scored four goals for Ecuador in the South American sub-20 tournament.  (They were eliminated, though, when Peru drew with Paraguay, ensuring both qualified for the final round at Ecuador's expense).