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Hernán Pérez next to leave? Transfer news update.

Since we were willing to part with him last year (and did), it's unrealistic to expect we wouldn't do so this time.

Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

Hernán Pérez appears to have recuperated form his injury which resulted in his transfer to Olympiacos being canceled.   Since we were willing to sell him last year, it makes sense we would again.  (The Greek club presumably wouldn't be interested, as manager Michel was recently fired--in fact, he said if he hadn't lost his job, he would have taken Cani last week).

According to Rafael Fabian, there are a number of Segunda clubs interested, but Hernan would like a Primera club or some first-division team outside Spain, so negotiations continue.

Almeria's interest in Juan Carlos appears to have cooled--they only wanted a loan and that really doesn't make a lot of sense.  Presumably JC would like to move somewhere for more playing time, and why do that if he comes right back to Villarreal?  And of course, if he moves, VIllarreal have to replace him, and it hardly seems worth doing that for a short-term loan.

Joel Campbell is still Villarreal's #1 target, though Arsenal have said they don't want to sell him permanently at this stage.

I doubt there will be too many rumors today as the Ballon d'Or winner will be announced today, and whatever happens, the reactions, recriminations and celebrations from the pro-Messi and pro-Cristiano factions will dominate the airwaves, print columns, and internet.   To be honest, I could care less.  ENDAVANT VILLARREAL!!