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Podcast: Allen, Sid, and Robin! Strategies vs Madrid, and more....

Allen and Sid discuss results so far and are joined part way through by Robin Stacey, who we must say improves the quality of the discussion more than a little bit! Enjoy.

More of this, please.
More of this, please.
Denis Doyle

Podcast topics:

(1) Recent results--why do we fall behind, how to we catch up?

(2) Left back and pivote--who plays against Madrid, who plays beyond that?

Robin joins us somewhere in here:

(3) Villarreal- Real Madrid predictions

(4) Squad rotations balanced with objectives--how to balance?

(5) Europa League: Apollon Limassol visit us next week

Somewhere in the midst of this Sid's computer died so the recording stopped, so we missed doing a neat wrapup and thanks to Robin for joining us.  We also missed predictions: Villarreal 3 Limassol 1 (Allen); Villarreal 3 Limassol 2, a late Cypriot goal making it close (Robin).