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Villarreal's squad for Gladbach released

Mentioned in the comments, but worth a quick post on its own methinks.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

The good news for Villarreal is Ikechuckwu Uche returns to the squad.  Bad news is Chechu Dorado is still out (he would provide some depth at CB) and the not-really-surprising news is that Adrian Marin is not going to go from Villarreal B to La Liga debut to European debut in the course of two weeks.

Here is the squad.  Note that there are 19 players: three keepers travel in case someone gets injured in warmup or whatnot, but unless that happens one (Aitor, surely) will be deactivated.

  • Keepers: Asenjo, Juan Carlos y Aitor.
  • Defenders: Rukavina, Mario, Gabriel, Musacchio y Víctor Ruiz.
  • Midfielders: Bruno, Jonathan, Pina, Trigueros, Espinosa, Cani, Moi Gómez y Cheryshev.
  • Strikers: Gerard, Vietto y Uche.

The key lineup questions are

(1) who plays left back, with implications for who partners Musacchio at CB;

(2) assuming Uche starts, who partners him;

(3) who plays in the pivote with Bruno.

I am guessing Rukavina will play at LB, Ruiz and Musacchio in the center, Mario on the right.  I would like to see all three of Trigueros, Bruno and Pina but unless we go to the dreaded trivote, don't see how to do that really.   I'm also thinking Cheryshev partners Uche.