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Vietto signing official; Aquino loan deal still in the works we think

Five year-contract, our new Argentine striker will be presented at El Madrigal tomorrow. Aquino's Celtic move fell through, but Rayo want him.

David Ramos

Official notice here:

Vietto signs for five years/Villarreal CF

I have to say it is hard to make Sr. Roig's son look old, but in this photo....Vietto is 21, but looks like he's going on 17....

No news on other fronts: Aquino still rumored to be going to Rayo, us interested in Fernandez (Celta), Musacchio saga still ongoing.

Oh, and although FIFA is likely to keep Luis Suarez's international ban in place, they may reduce the club ban so that his first game back would be in El Madrigal.  Oh joy.