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Villarreal-Astana GAMETHREAD

Harold Cunningham

Here are the lineups:

VILLARREAL--Juan Carlos, Mario, Musacchio, Gabriel, Jaume Costa; Pina, Trigueros, Espinosa, Moi Gómez; Gerard y Vietto.

ASTANA-- Loginovski; Beysebekov, Dmitrenko, Postnikov, Shomko; Zhukov, Cañas; Dzolchiev, Twumasi, Foxi; Nuserbayev.

Bruno, Gio, Asenjo and Cheryshev all get some rest before the Barca match.  The back four is pretty much our first group, which makes sense given we are defending a three-goal lead.  Espinosa, Moi, Gerard and Vietto--talk about youth in attacking positions!

Europa League update: Real Sociedad are OUT, losing to FC Krasnodar.  Assuming we go through, we will be in Pot 1; at the moment, the teams at the top of pot 2 are Lille and FC Copenhagen.  They could move up to the first pot, but Celtic is likely to remain in pot 2.