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It's Prediction Time!! How will Villarreal do this season?

Last year we tried this and the collective wisdom of our little group was pretty good, as it turned out. So here we go again--predict Villarreal's point total and league finish, the CL and EL qualifiers from La Liga, and more besides.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

I had intended to do this last week, but spotty internet access prevented it.  So here goes.  Predict the following:

(1) Villarreal's point total in La Liga

(2) Villarreal's final placing in La Liga

(3) La Liga champion

(4) Top four in La Liga (Champions League qualifiers)

(5) Next three in La Liga (presumably, Europa League qualifiers)

(6) Villarreal's finish in the Europa League

(7) Villarreal's leading goal scorer (La Liga matches only) and number of goals.

(8) The three teams that will be relegated from the Primera

(9) Copa del Rey finish for Villarreal

I will give my predictions in the comments to this post.  By way of reminder, last year we had 59 points and finished 6th.

The WINNER (the Villarreal USA braintrust will have to sit down and figure out how to determine that) will get some sort of prize that I bring back from Vila-real when Alisa and I visit in the spring--a nice flag, or scarf, or something that doesn't require sizing and that we can easily carry.   We'll post a photo of it well before the season ends.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Up to the Barcelona match. After that, feel free to predict anyway but you won't get a chance at the prize....

PS--several of you have asked about setting up the fantasy league again.  We're still trying to get the prizes sent to us for last year's winners, so we are wondering about doing something else.  We'll let you know.