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It's Europa League time! Villarreal vs Astana--GAMETHREAD

Tom Dulat

Teams are:

VILLARREAL: Asenjo, Mario, Musacchio, Gabriel, Jaume Costa, Bruno, Trigueros, Cani, Cheryshev, Giovani and Uche.

No real surprises there, that seems to be pretty much our first choice XI.

ASTANA: Erić; Beisebekov, Dmitrenko, Marin Aničić, Postnikov, Shomko, Essamé, Kethevoama, Zhukov, Nuserbaev and Bauyrzhan.

Can't say as I know anything about Astana but yesterday's EPM seemed to think the real danger for us would come from the counterattack.

Just over 1000 days since our last Champions League match, it's time to begin another European adventure.  ENDAVANT VILLAREAL!!