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Villarreal visit Middlesborough: game thread

Villarreal and Middlesborough play a friendly today on the banks of the Tees.

Gareth Copley

It's time for a friendly!  You can watch it on youtube via Villarreal's site here, or go to Villarreal's club site and click on the video feed.  Our starting lineup is:

Juan Carlos, Mario, Israel Puerto, Dorado, Jaume Costa; Bruno, Trigueros, Nahuel, Cheryshev, Giovani and Gerard.

Update on Musacchio: here is the best explanation I've seen of the whole River Plate-Villarreal thing--sounds from this as though 35% of any fee goes to Argentina, not we keep 35%:

We have allegedly rejected a €15m move, but to be realistic I'd say if it gets closer to €20m we will probably accept, especially if we have Maicon arranged as a replacement for €7m.  Meanwhile, no word on Jonathan de Guzman, whom Swansea apparently don't want to buy and we need to sell.