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Ceramica Trophy gamethread: Villarreal CF--US Sassuolo


Tom Dulat

I have been unable to find this match on American TV (not surprisingly) but there are abundant streams apparently.

The starting lineups:

Villarreal: Juan Carlos, Rukavina, MUSACCHIO, Gabriel, Jaume Costa; Bruno, Trigueros, Espinosa, Cheryshev; Giovani y Uche

Changes from starting lineup against Swansea: Juan Carlos for Asenjo; Rukavina for Mario (who you'll remember came out injured); Musacchio for Dorado, Cheryshev for Cani.

Sassuolo: Pomini in goal; Biondini, Cannavaro, Terranova, Magananelli, Sansone, Gazzala, Peluso, Zaza, Brighi, Floro Flores.

I know that's not correct by position--I am reading them off twitter

Other news: We have a loanee for our B team, Jason Remeseiro from Levante B.

And, faced with a judge's ruling that Real Murcia is entitled to remain in the Segunda, Javier Tebas and his band of yes-men have decided to do the most ridiculous thing they can--postpone the start of the season.   Yes, the "P" in "LFP" does stand for "Professional" but sometimes (rather too often), you wonder.

Meanwhile, the Bankia-Lim-Valencia saga continues.  Last night somewhere between 3 and 5 thousand Valencia fans demonstrated against Bankia's refusal to simply give Lim the keys so to speak, and go away quietly.  They tried to get to the Bankia HQ in town, but police kept them away.  I believe I saw Lim had summoned club president Soler to Singapore for talks today.  I don't know that Bankia have 'changed the terms of the deal' (maybe or maybe not), but since they hold the Valencia CF debt, they have to agree to any sale--and they clearly are not happy with the existing terms.  We shall see--apparently big demonstrations in favor of Lim and against Bankia are planned for Sunday at the Mestalla.

UPDATE-- As I was posting this, Ruben Uria (journalist who is usually spot on) says agreement has been reached between Bankia and Meriton Holdings, and the Lim sale will go through--awaiting documentation of course.  The bank wanted €200m in extra guarantees of some kind but have agreed to €142m.  Okay then.