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Villarreal squad numbers released

Vietto takes Perbet's old #7 number.

Tom Dulat

Villarreal have announced their shirt numbers for this season: the players with numbers over 25 (so could play with the B team) are:

Sergio Marcos, Nahuel, Adrian Marin, Iñiguez, Puerto, Aitor, and Pablo Gonzalez.

No big changes otherwise, except Moi is now #19.

Of the new additions, Vietto takes Perbet's #7 (Hernan Perez is on the list and gets his #11 again), Jonathan dos Santos is #6, Victor Ruiz is #15, Cheryshev #17, Rukavina, Gerard and Espinosa #22, 23 and 24 respectively (I would have expected Gerard to get #22 since it was an attacker's number when Rossi was here, but hey).

And yes, Tottenham fans, Musacchio has #5.