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Villarreal trying to land young Argentine striker Luciano Vietto

My twitter account has been full of this the last few hours--Villarreal have apparently made an offer, Valencia may be competing for him as well. We'll see.

Much discussion today on twitter concerning Villarreal and Luciano Vietto.

His transfermarkt profile is here--he is a 20-year old striker, currently playing for Racing Club de Avallaneda in Argentina.  He is an under-20 Argentine international.  Transfermarkt has his market value at around €8.5-9m.  He also qualifies as Italian so would not take a non-EU place.

AS reported earlier we were interested, but there was some sort of "right of first refusal" with Valencia, apparently.  So, we could be bumping heads with our local rivals again, just as we did with the Canales and Gio signings.

Leo Paradizo, an Argenine journalist, reports we have offered to buy half his rights now, with remainder in June 2015.  The total is a bit hard to figure out, between the currencies people are quoting, but would appear to be around €8m for 100% rights.

Whatever happens, it should be resolved soon.  David Calderon, press officer for Villarreal, refused to confirm or deny the rumors but did say any sort of 'policy matters' like this would be reported on the official site if they indeed are finalized.

Rafa Mezquita, a Villarreal journalist, appears to have a pretty good handle on all this.  Fingers crossed, watch this space!!