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Rumor, rumor, who's got a rumor?

A quick rundown of chatter about possible Villarreal signings. And I am still bummed about Rossi.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Pretty quiet on the Villarreal transfer front at the moment.   The most interesting (and pervasive) reports are that Real Sociedad would like our keeper, Juan Carlos, since Claudio Bravo may be sold to Barcelona.

Perhaps because of that (or could it be to put pressure in Atleti to resolve the Asenjo situation?), it's being reported we are planning to exercise our repurchase option on Diego Mariño from Valladolid.   As for Asenjo, he has been on the team trip to China so it would seem as though we believe something can be worked out.  We seem to want Oliver Torres on loan as well as Leo Baptistao, so the Atleti-Villarreal discussions must be quite detailed.  We keep hearing something will be decided this week (of course, we heard that last week, too).

I don't know if Valladolid's rumor site just works overtime or what, but not only are we mentioned as probably resigning Mariño, but we are also in the running for Rukavina, and today Fausto Rossi's name popped up.  Supposedly Villarreal, Sevilla and Palermo are interested in him--remember though, he was only on loan at Valladolid, Juventus is the club that owns him.

Meanwhile, off topic, I know, but writing Rossi reminds me I'm still really bummed about Giuseppe Rossi being left off the Italy squad.  Usually Beppe is pretty diplomatic on twitter, but he went off a little bit himself.  Steve Amoia has a translation of comments from Coach Prandelli here, along with Rossi's comments.