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World Cup: Round of 16, Day 2

Day 2 of the round of 16-- today it's UEFA vs. CONCACAF. So far two South American sides are through. One cracker and one snoozefest expected.

Gio looking to open his account today.
Gio looking to open his account today.
Laurence Griffiths

Here's today's preview/match thread/discussion post on Brazil 2014. Enjoy the matches!

12 noon ET:  Netherlands vs. Mexico, Round of 16, match #3.

Villarreal connections:  Jonathan de Guzmán on the bench - maybe nursing the yellow card that will be reset if the Dutch advance. Javier Aquino in the far recesses of Miguel Herrera's mind. Giovani dos Santos starting!

Tournament situation:  Could be the match of the round. Winner gets Costa Rica vs. Greece survivor - surely the easiest path to the semifinals of any true contender.

Prediction:  Time for Mexico to put on its big boy pants. Upset in the making: 1-2.

4 pm ET:  Costa Rica vs. Greece, Round of 16, match #4.

Villarreal connections:  Time to start exploring the rest of the Americas. Nothing yet, but Costa Rica is hot now. No interest any longer in Levante star Keylor Navas.

The Greek center backs have played quite well in this tournament. We need center backs. Just saying.

Tournament situation:  Could be a snoozefest unless the ticos make something happen. They have the quality and verve, but the Greeks will try and take the air out of the ball until a set piece. Winner gets the Netherlands vs. Mexico survivor - wonder if fatigue will be factor.

Prediction:  For football's sake, I hope Costa Rica wins. But I'm betting on the Greeks to go well beyond expectations in another big tournament. That country deserves some good news.